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Stefan Stokic, "Waking up for practice doesn’t feel like a job"

Defender Stefan Stokic is a well known face in the Comets family. He returned for his fifth season with the Missouri Comets this year. So far, Stokic has made an appearance in fifteen matches recording two goals and seven assists .

Born in Kansas City, Kansas yet growing up in Serbia, Stokic calls Kansas City his second home.

“My family still resides in Serbia, so that is my home. However, spending the majority of my soccer career here, Kansas City is my home away from home.” Stokic shared.

At the young age of two, Stokic and his parents moved to Indianapolis for a short time where his brother was born before heading to San Jose, Saratoga California until he turned twelve.

At that time, Stokic along with his parents and brother moved to Serbia to be with family. His father, a former soccer star was then faced with a difficult decision weather to continue his soccer career or answer his calling to become a priest.

Once his father became a priest, the family was moved to Sweden and then Denmark until Stefan turned eighteen, before starting to take soccer very seriously and playing on top teams in the area, discovering his natural ability and passion for the game.

“I played for Red Star Belgrade, one of the top teams in Serbia and began to develop into a pretty good player.” Stokic remembered.

In 2004 Stokic returned to the United States and tried out for the Kansas City Comets, coached by a friend of his father’s, Zoran Savage. It was then when Stokic signed and played his first professional indoor soccer season. At the end of his rookie year, Stokic recorded five goals and had seven assists for the Comets.

The following year, 2005, the team folded and Stokic found himself playing a year in New Jersey as a member of the Ironmen.

Stokic returned to Missouri to play a semester at Park University for the Pirates where he joined coach Vlatko Andonovski and Milan Ivanovic for the year.

Once the Missouri Comets returned, Stefan Stokic joined the team and has played in over 60 games. His trademark slide and fearless play makes him a fan favorite every home game at the Independence Events Center.

When Stokic isn’t tackling opponents on the turf, he devotes a lot of his time to his growing family.  He and his wife Cristina are expecting a new member to join their family.

“I am so excited and a little nervous. We are waiting to find if it’s a boy or a girl, but we are really looking forward to starting a family.” Stokic said.

For now Stokic’s family consists of Cristina, his Comets teammates, fans and his youth players. Currently coaching two teams in the Futura Club, Coach Stokic is known to have high expectations for his players yet is very supportive and encouraging.

“My teams work hard. They know I expect nothing but their best effort. They are called Red Stars, after my youth team.” Stokic noted.

“It’s a challenge at times to keep my competitive side in games, yet remember my players are in the stands. I have to always be a role model for the kids,” Stokic shared. “One of the coolest things about coaching is when the kids come to the games and then come to practice telling me what they saw me doing at the game.”

Stokic enjoys coaching vastly and hopes to continue developing youth players even after his playing days are done.

The season veteran continues to enjoy every practice, training session, game, and team dinner with his teammates.

“I love the game. There is not a job out there that can fulfill me like playing professional soccer does,” Stokic shared. “Waking up for practice doesn’t feel like a job. It is such a pleasure and joy in my life to play that brings me satisfaction. I feel blessed to have this opportunity.”

Away from home, Stefan has found a family, which welcomes him and his teammates with open arms.

“Home is Serbia because my family is there, however the Comets Family in Kansas City makes this is my second home,” Stokic commented. “Comets fans are awesome; they are without a doubt the best in the MASL.”

Throughout the five seasons he’s played with the Missouri Comets, Stokic has achieved much success and holds many memories.

“My favorite memory is by far winning the championship last year. It was the absolutely best feeling I have had in my entire soccer career,” Stokic said. “It was just the best feeling ever for us to win that championship.”

Next up, the Comets will host the Tulsa Revolution at the Independence Events Center this Saturday.



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