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Bishop Dositej (secular name Despo Motika) was born on the feast of the Holy Virgin, on the 14th of October 1949, in the home of devout parents, father Nedjo and mother Rosa, in the village of Zagoni, Municipality of Olovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the home of his pious parents he got his religious education. After finishing his primary education he enters the first class of the monastic school at the Monastery of Ostrog in 1967.

He graduates from school as one of the best students in his generation in 1969, and then enters the seminary school in Sremski Karlovci. Upon finishing he enrols at the University of Belgrade, graduating with a degree in theology. Upon successful completion of his theology degree, he goes on three years’ post-graduate studies in Regensburg (Germany ) and Bern ( Switzerland).

He receives his monastic vows at the Monastery of St.  Nicholas in Ozren in 1970. The Bishop of Zvornik and Tuzla G. Longinus (Tomic), ordinates him to Hierodeacon then Monk in the monastery of Tavna, in which along with studying at the Faculty of Theology , served as a spiritual leader.

According to the spiritual requirements  of the Serbian Orthodox Church, in 1985 he departs to Buenos Aries, Argentina,  where he sets  up  a parish with 3 places of worship. With the help of his parishioners, Bishop Dositej builds a temple dedicated to the  Virgin Mary .

Until he becomes  Bishop, he serves as Secretary of the Diocese of Canada in Toronto. In 1989 Bishop Dositej is elected a as Vicar Bishop of the Serbian Patriarch, with the title of Bishop of Marča. The Holy Synod  sends Bishop Dositej to help the Bishop of Western Europe G . Lavrentije (Trifunovic) in his ecclesiastical duties .

During the Holy Synod of the 22 May 1990, in the Patriarchate of Pec, Dositej is consecrated to the duty of Bishop.  The following Autumn, the Holy Synod in Belgrade , elected the Bishop of Raska and Prizren, G. Pavle as the new head of the Serbian Orthodox Church and a new Diocese of Britain and Scandinavia is established with its first Bishop elected Bishop G. Dositej.  Bishop Dositej speaks German, Spanish and English.

For the last 23 years  our Bishop, assisted by his clergy and faithful parishioners , investing a lot of effort in the Diocese entrusted to him ( Scandinavia , Britain, Ireland and Iceland ) strengthening  the spiritually of our Serbian Orthodox Church.

In Orkeljungi , Sweden, a monastery dedicated to the Virgin of the Holy Shroud , is being built. In most parishes,  priests serve regularly . Our Bishop travels constantly in order to meet the spiritual needs of our faithful  parishioners who are far from their homeland , or were born in the Diaspora.

This all takes a lot of effort, and we pray to our Lord to grant you good health and a long life Bishop Dositej.


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