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JANUARY: I hereby resolve to start to Church this year! But I’ll wait until February. Gotta get over the Holidays. They take a lot out of a fellow.

FEBRUARY: Weather is terrible. I’ll start when it gets a bit warmer. My blood is too thin this time of year.

MARCH: Lots of sickness just now. Got to keep away from those bugs.

APRIL: E a s t e r …. big crowds ….  they won’t miss me.

MAY: I’ve been holed up all winter and now that the weather is getting pretty it’s time to hold reunions.

JUNE: I’ll wait until the baby is older. How on earth do some folks take Their babies when they are just a few weeks old – and then never miss Sunday worship.

JULY: Boy! The heat is terrific! That air conditioning in the Church might give me chills, and anyway we’ve got that cabin boat for Sundays.

AUGUST: Priest’s on vacation. He’ll never know if I miss. Never liked those guest priest anyway, but when my priest gets back ….

SEPTEMBER: School’s started. Vacation threw me behind in my work. Got to make one last visit to my relatives before the snow flies.

OCTOBER: Leaves are beautiful this time of year … I can worship God outdoors anyhow … kids will be cooped up all winter … so …

NOVEMBER: Getting colder … can’t stand warm church buildings with a lot of people in them. I’ll start back to Church when it gets warmer.

DECEMBER: CHRISTMAS! It belongs to kids. I don’t have time now for the Church; roads are dangerous too … anyway, next month is J a n u a r y !I’ll resolve now to start going to Church next year !


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1.3.2015., RAS press

What Attracts People?

What attracts people to a Church? A convenient location? YES! An attractive building? YES! But the key element in attracting visitors, newcomers and prospective members is friendliness in the pews. Where there is a warm, dynamic Congregation with an enthusiasm that is contagious, visitors in large numbers will usually come.
1.3.2015., RAS press

Welcome to the Orthodox Church

In the years after Jesus’ Resurrection, apostles and missionaries travelled throughout the known world spreading the Gospel. Soon five major locations were established as centers for the faith: Jerusalem, Antioch, Rome, Alexandria and Constantinople. In the year 1054 the Roman church broke from this united Church, and five hundred years later Protestant churches began breaking away from Rome. But the original Church has remained united in the Apostolic Faith since the first century. THIS IS ORTHODOXY !
1.3.2015., RAS press

Orthodoxy and Roman Catholisism

Our Church is the Apostolic Church, which means that it was founded by Jesus Christ and organized by the Holy Apostles. The teaching of Jesus Christ and His Holy Apostles has been faithfully preserved in our Church by the Holy Tradition. During the first few centuries, within the Church five Patriarchates were established with the sees in the following cities: Antioch (in Syria), Jerusalem, Alexandria (in Egypt), Rome and Constantinople. These five Patriarchates were united into One Church until the middle of the 11th century.
1.3.2015., RAS press

Last sermon of a German clergymen

Friedrich Griesendorf, who died in 1958, was a very educated man. He was at one time a court clergymen for the German Kaiser, Wilhelm II. After World War II, he was a pastor in the Eversburg church parish where a camp of Serbian prisoners of war was located.
1.3.2015., RAS press

A Timeline of Church History

Scholars estimate there are over 2,600 groups today who lay claims to being the Church, or at least the direct descendants of the Church described in the New Testament Repeat: 2,600 ! But for the first thousand years of her history, the Church was essentially ONE! Five historic Patriarchal centers: Jerusalem, Antioch, Rome, Alexandria and Constantinople, formed a cohesive whole and were in full communion with one another. There were occasional heretical or schismatic groups going their own way, to be sure, but the Church was unifed until the 11th century.
27.2.2015., RAS press

Kempston residents present petition on religious inclusiveness to Number 10

Members of the Kempston Seventh Day Adventist Church visited Number 10 Downing Street last week to hand in a petition to the Prime Minister calling on him to do all he can to protect the most vulnerable and religious minorities in India. The petition, which was signed by over 700 local residents, draws attention to the pressure on Christians and Muslims in India and calls on Prime Minister, David Cameron to emphasise religious tolerance and inclusiveness in his discussions with India’s Prime Minister.
26.9.2013., RAS press

We’re Playing for Igor

Charity Football Tournament Held on 15 October 2011 in Leicester, England
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